RockLegend Package


Product Name: – Discovery Audit Service (DAS)

Our 3 Easy Step DAS Program:


What we do:

Our 10 day Discovery Audit Services examines, audits, calculates, measures and provides recommendations and insights where cost savings and business efficiency improvements can be made to your current office printing environment.

How we do it:

Our 4 step methodology process includes auditing and analysing your existing office printing information and data. The process includes reviewing all relevant contract, invoice & billing information as well as contract terms and conditions. This will then shape the financial modelling, gap analysis and risk assessment including any red flags that may impact the business in both short to mid terms. Our methodology ensures our clients are best advised on business and operational deployment including our best practice recommendations.

What you receive:

You will receive an executive level business report outlining detailed operational costing and financial modelling including any abnormal findings that pertain to your current office printing. The report will also provide a risk assessment, business recommendations and next step actions such a strategy and deployment schedule for implementing business efficiency improvements.


Services Packages

  • Level 1 Program: RockStar Package.
  • Level 2 Program: RockLegend Package
  • Level 3 Program: RockGod Package.

Additional Services

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Service Modelling
  • Enterprise Imaging Services
  • Managed Print Services Provisioning
  • Energy Management Group (EMG)
  • Project Based Services

What our clients have to say

I have employed Mitchell and First Rock Consulting several times during my time at CSC and always found him to be extremely competent and knowledgeable. Mitchell is one of those rare consultants who are adept at theory, yet also bring a hands-on perspective. In this way Mitchell has consistently delivered value for money.
Peter Strohkorb
Solutions Business Development Executive