• Do you feel that your current office printing contract is not aligned to today’s market place?
  • Are you trying to gain increased transparency on your real costs of office printing?
  • Have you noticed your operating costs for office printing starting to escalate? Do you know why?
  • Would you like to know if your current finance, service contracts and invoice billing are as per scheduled agreements?

We find many customers who have a single or an assortment of existing finance and service agreements concerned with the level of central transparency and accuracy. When dealing with one or more suppliers our customers wish there was a quick, reliable and relatively low cost way to analyse and validate if their current print costs are legitimate. Many of these clients are sometimes uncertain or questioning how contracts are being calculated, charged and increased over time.

On numerous occasions we find inaccuracies in service billing rates and invoice charges and we respect that this process can be time consuming, confusing and somewhat complex to understand how costs are actually being calculated and reconciled. Unless you have deep industry experience, bringing transparency, interpreting the data and auditing the real integrity of your contracts with vendors can be both painstaking and resource intensive.

However not being vigilant and pragmatic can also be both costly and inefficient for the business as customers progressively transform so will their contract elements.
Our 3 levels of Services Packages include


RockStar Package


Our 3 day contract Integrity audit (CIA) examines, calculates and provides insight to the key elements that combine to make up your office printing costs.


RockLegend Package


Our 10 day Discovery Audit Services examines, audits, calculates, measures and provides recommendations and insights where cost savings and business
efficiency improvements can be made to your current office printing


RockGod Package


Our Document Imaging Transitioning Strategy is designed to provide
customers with a strategic roadmap that allows them to migrate from paper based document
processes through a more efficient and cost effective digitally integrated workflow application model.

Additional Services:

Strategic Advisory Services:

What we do: We help clients increase business performance and operational efficiency through aligning business outcomes with effective technology implementation and ongoing operational capability.

Service Modelling:

What we do: We work with our clients to provide them a dynamic method of understanding the “DNA” of their IT Service Management organisation, from the Business tip to its Technical core, whilst assisting them in capturing and storing this information in a simple yet powerful service modelling structure.

Enterprise Imaging Services

What we do: We work with organisations to transition and automate their existing hardcopy or paper based document environment to a digitally driven and integrated (workflow and process driven) economy.

Managed Print Services Provisioning:

What we do: We assist clients in building a core competence and a best practice methodology prior to implementing their own in-house managed print services program or a 3rd party managed print services organisation.

Energy Management Group (EMG):

What we do: We work with customers to audit their energy and carbon emissions and provide carbon credit advice and offsetting though our Energy Management Group Alliance.

Project Based Services:

What we do: We work with clients on specific projects that include tender preparation through to tender evaluation to project implementations.



Services Packages

  • Level 1 Program: RockStar Package.
  • Level 2 Program: RockLegend Package
  • Level 3 Program: RockGod Package.

Additional Services

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Service Modelling
  • Enterprise Imaging Services
  • Managed Print Services Provisioning
  • Energy Management Group (EMG)
  • Project Based Services

What our clients have to say

I have employed Mitchell and First Rock Consulting several times during my time at CSC and always found him to be extremely competent and knowledgeable. Mitchell is one of those rare consultants who are adept at theory, yet also bring a hands-on perspective. In this way Mitchell has consistently delivered value for money.
Peter Strohkorb
Solutions Business Development Executive