When the job just needs to get done! (a customer’s perspective)

Over the last 8 years if there is one item that customers continue to tell us why they use our consulting business for Managed Print Services. The answer is always the same; “you just get the job done” and you’re agnostic around the brand or even if a device/machine goes in or not – you don’t have an axe to grind either way.


You save us a fortune and although we could save money doing this our-self you just seem to know how the vendors or print provides play the game. Ultimately you help us build the competencies and capabilities we need to do a better job. Who’s loses on this – not us we tell you. We come out of this a whole lot wiser and sharper.


The other reasons is that;


You know the brands;


You know how they operate and how they charge


You know all the games they play, the stalling tactics, the payouts charges, the fine details and the new costing models and proposals (that usually have even a bigger anchor attached to the deal than the last one). You know their smoke and mirror tactics.


You also know the good guys ‘n girls who are in the industry and the reputable players in the market, although as a customer we don’t always think the sales people have the capacity to help us the right way – their paid on pretty hefty commissions and there is always a feeling from us that the sales person has an ulterior motive. Maybe its the brand or provider pushing the sales person in a direction – we don’t know always – but we can start to see and feel the signs sometimes.


So how do we know your different – well, you don’t sell devices or products, so your not in this to make money for each of the machines (devices) that are going in. No back-handers anywhere. You’re not clipping the ticket on the devices or gaining some commissions from the brand or provider, once the deal is done. This is clean and honest – very rare we say.


You are straight up – you work for us – not them!


You just make money as a fee for service or if pushed you’ll accept a percentage of the savings that you extract – but that is all agreed up front – no hidden stuff.


What job do we need to get done?


When we are forced to take costs out of the business, when we have to unravel a complex contract or when we want to know what the “as is” is before we commit to the “to be” – your all over this.


You de-risk our risk – you see the red flags that we didn’t always see as they are so well camouflaged by the sleek sales skills or terms and conditions that can lie through the T&C’s and of course the acronyms. The acronyms that you can’t even find on Wikipedia – its clearly an art and science to understand this industry.


And just when we think we have a good handle on this – we get hit with the page per print, cost per copy and minimum volumes type of contract discussions.


This seem simple on the surface but the devil can be very much in the detail. Get the volumes wrong and your in trouble. Especially if they start telling you to commit each month to a minimum print volume. Why we ask – our intent is to reduce print volumes – so how does this work?


Did we speak? We must have lost as this conversation is divert so well to another point that we have forgotten the question we asked and better still – we don’t even know why we asked it – “it must have been a good question and relevant at the time – your thinking” As a customer we need someone on our side – some who has lived with them and knows hoe the game is played but this time we have the expert on our side.


So back to why us? Why First Rock Consulting for your Managed Print Services strategy or contract review? Why do we use your company???


Well that is simple you save us money and lots of it or more importantly you help us right-size and optimise the fleet, you help identify the best practice model for our environment based on usage, our business, our uses and did I mention you’re on our side.


You help us bridge, migrate and transition from paper based solution to real digitised outcomes – and why can you do this so well – well you don’t sell hardware. You provide outcomes and outcomes are what we want.


Identifying the “Size of the Prize”


Ultimately you can show us “the size of the prize” – this is what as a customer it is all about. We expect that the brand will be solid and we value them, the service they provide will be great and they will become our partner, the solutions the brand or provides implement are innovative and aligned to where we want to go – these are all hygiene factors for us.


We just want a trusted advisor who sits with us and does the heavy lifting and provides the outcomes the business wants – we are the customer, your client.


This is the reason we want you – we have been burnt before or we know people and companies that have been burnt before and this time we want an independent and a globally recognised consulting practice on our side.


We want to win – you give us an unfair advantage


The voice of the customer….


Services Packages

  • Level 1 Program: RockStar Package.
  • Level 2 Program: RockLegend Package
  • Level 3 Program: RockGod Package.

Additional Services

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Service Modelling
  • Enterprise Imaging Services
  • Managed Print Services Provisioning
  • Energy Management Group (EMG)
  • Project Based Services

What our clients have to say

I have employed Mitchell and First Rock Consulting several times during my time at CSC and always found him to be extremely competent and knowledgeable. Mitchell is one of those rare consultants who are adept at theory, yet also bring a hands-on perspective. In this way Mitchell has consistently delivered value for money.
Peter Strohkorb
Solutions Business Development Executive